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At ICT service is always our top priority.

If and when things do go wrong, it is very important to us, who serve as an extension of your service and network, to be able to offer an amicable and suitable resolution. We firmly believe that the key to long-term relationships lies in how we handle such situations. It is ultimately our responsibly to assist our customers to neutralise the situation, assist with fixing the problem at hand and ultimately by doing so, ensuring that we assist you to retain your customer. As a further commitment to enhancing our service offering, we have included the FreightGuard Service Guarantee in our range of services to our customers. If there is a situation where ICT, or its network partners, experience an incident that results in the loss or damage of your consignment, we are now able to compensate you through the FreightGuard Service Guarantee program. The service guarantee is designed to protect our customers against loss or damage while the goods are in our care, custody, and ultimately under the control of ICT. The guarantee provides for compensation of up to R10,000.00 per non-document at a very reasonable rate of R 70.00 per waybill and compensation of up to R2 500.00 per document at a rate of R5.00 per waybill. Claims are resolved quickly and professionally by FreightGuard, and no excess is applied to the claim settlement amount. Further to the above benefits, this can also serve as a sales benefit to you as our customer, when on selling our services to your customer base. This service will automatically be included in our service offering as of 1 June 2024 and will apply to all consignments consigned on your account, unless a waiver form is received from you. The FreightGuard Service Guarantee Terms and Conditions, which form part of the ICT Terms and Conditions of Carriage, can be found below.

Should you choose not to have this service guarantee program automatically applied to your shipments, please e-mail: in order to provide you with a waiver form to complete. Feel free to contact your ICT sales representative if you would like more information about this or any of our other services.

FreightGuard Service Guarantee Terms & Conditions

April 2024

  1. Unless the customer has elected not to have the FreightGuard Service Guarantee, ICT SA will provide to the Customer a warranty against loss or damage to Goods during the Carriage and while the Goods are in the possession and control of ICT SA, subject to the limitations and exclusions set out hereunder (the "FreightGuard Service Guarantee").

  2. The FreightGuard Service Guarantee applies to all goods consigned on each Customer's unique account number. Customers cannot elect which consignments the FreightGuard Service Guarantee will apply to, and the FreightGuard Service Guarantee will apply to an account completely, or not all.

  3. The Customer must pay to ICT SA the applicable FreightGuard Service Guarantee charge.
FreightGuard Service Guarantee Claims
  1. Any claim under the FreightGuard Service Guarantee for damage to or loss of Goods ("Claim") must be submitted by completing the Online Claims Submission Form which can be found on the ICT SA website using the relevant URL link as follows:

  2. The Customer must notify ICT SA of any Claim within the following time limits:
    1. where the Receiver has indicated in writing on the consignment note or has records that they have informed ICT SA that loss or damage has occurred in respect of the Goods, within five (5) days from the date of delivery of the Goods to the Delivery Address;

    2. where the Receiver has acknowledged that the Goods have been delivered and received in good order and condition, within forty-eight (48) hours from the date of delivery of the Goods to the Delivery Address;

    3. in respect of Claims for non-delivery, within fourteen (14) days after the anticipated date of delivery specified for that consignment, subject to customs and or airline delays
  3. The Customer may only make one (1) Claim per consignment.

  4. The Customer must provide to ICT SA with any Claim, documentary evidence acceptable to ICT SA (for example, receipt, valuation, or tax invoice) as proof of value of the Goods.

  5. Where the customer makes a valid Claim and there are outstanding amounts owed by the Customer to ICT SA, ICT SA reserves the right for the Claim to be settled as a credit to the Customer's account or by way of funds transfer.

  6. Claims will only be paid in respect of any consignment, where the Customer has settled their account with ICT SA in accordance with the credit terms extended.
FreightGuard Service Guarantee Limitations
  1. The FreightGuard Service Guarantee is subject to the following limitations:
    1. Claims are limited to loss of or damage to the Goods only. For the avoidance of doubt, the FreightGuard Service Guarantee does not cover any consequential loss or damage suffered by the Customer as a result of loss or damage to the Goods.

    2. The maximum amount that may be claimed under the FreightGuard Service Guarantee is the lesser of:
      1. the FreightGuard Service Guarantee Limitation Amount of R 10,000.00 for parcels and R 2500.00 for documents (for the avoidance of doubt, where FreightGuard Service Guarantee has been de-selected by the Customer the FreightGuard Service Guarantee Limitation Amount shall be zero); and

      2. the cost price of the Goods, as supported by documentary evidence acceptable to ICT SA (for example receipt, valuation or tax invoice from the seller of the Goods).
    3. Freight charges relating to the consignment covered by the FreightGuard Service Guarantee shall not be included in the calculation of any amount payable under the FreightGuard Service Guarantee.

    4. VAT will not be included in the claim settlement amounts under the FreightGuard Service Guarantee in respect of the value of the goods relating to the claim, supported by documentary proof of the value of the goods.

    5. Where a claim has been paid in full for goods damaged, ICT SA reserves the right to take possession of the goods as salvage and to dispose of such goods as it sees fit.
    FreightGuard Service Guarantee Exclusions
    1. ICT SA will not be liable for any Claims made by Customers in any of the following circumstances
      1. Where the Customer has selected not to accept the FreightGuard Service Guarantee apply to the consignment or has not paid the FreightGuard Service Guarantee charge;

      2. Where the Customer fails to submit the Claim to ICT SA within the relevant time limits set out above;

      3. Where ICT SA is in possession of an unendorsed proof of delivery form for the consignment;

      4. Where the Goods consigned are Excluded Goods, where "Excluded Goods" means each of the following items:-
        1. currency; negotiable instruments; high value jewellery; gemstones; wrought or unwrought metals; antiques; securities; drugs; weapons; living animals or plants; household and personal effects; second hand goods, cigarettes, tobacco, and tobacco products; glass or glass products; dangerous goods.
      5. Where ICT SA in its reasonable opinion considers the Packaging of the Goods to be inadequate for air or road transportation; in the event of a claim for damage, the receiver must retain all inner and outer packaging materials as well as the damaged goods. Failure by the receiver to retain the original goods and packaging at the original delivery location or the failure to make the delivered goods available for inspection will invalidate the claim.

      6. Where the Goods are determined by ICT SA to have been defective prior to the Carriage;

      7. Where damage, mechanical failure or other operational defect in the Goods could not, in the reasonable opinion of ICT SA, have been caused by the Carriage;

      8. Where ICT SA fails, delays or is unable to carry out its obligations under this contract due to strikes and / or lockouts (whether of ICT SA ' s own employees or those of others and whether or not ICT SA could have avoided the same by acceding to the demands of the employees responsible for such action), acts of God, war, terrorism, fire, flood, embargo, litigation, acts of government or any agency instrumentality or any political subdivision thereof or any other cause beyond the control ICT SA;

      9. Where the goods have been lost or damaged as a result of vehicle collisions, overturning, forced entry of vehicles and premises, armed robbery, or hijacking.

      10. Where the Goods have not been packed in the original manufacturer's packaging or the equivalent;

      11. Where the Delivery Address is a post office box, a roadside drop or postal mail box.
    Amendments to Terms and Conditions of Contract
    1. ICT SA reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of contract from time to time, without prior notice to the Customer.

We offer the following services (delivered on your waybill):

  • International Documents - IND (purely documents)
  • International Parcels - INP (any item/product which is not a document)
  • International Airfreight - (bigger consignments at a special rate, door to airport or door to door)
  • Cross Border Road Freight - (Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique)
  • EX Courier Service - A courier service to door which allows you a weight per piece limit of up to 70kg per piece
  • Drop2SA - Have your supplier or the sender drop your shipment in at any one of our 14 drop off points worldwide
  • Imports - Imports to South Africa from most major origin countries worldwide
  • DHL Reseller Option - You are able to utilise DHL's network via your ICT account at wholesale rates

Our DANGEROUS GOODS division offers the following services:

  • DG Imports and Exports domestic and international
  • DG Exports Cross Border
  • DG Airfreight to airport or to door
  • Dangerous Goods packaging according to UN specifications
  • Biological and pharmaceutical
  • Dangerous Goods declarations and labelling
  • Trem Cards
  • Customs clearance
  • Container labels for sea freight

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For courier shipments the maximum permissible weight is 32kg per piece. For pieces exceeding 32 kg's we will provide you with an airfreight quote, prior to shipping your consignment. For airfreight quotes we will provide you with a quotation and unique reference number, which you need to quote when placing the collection. Please note that the price quoted will be adjusted, should weights and dimensions vary from the original quote.

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